Brazilian designer creates the official poster for Championships Wimbledon 2016.

For the 130th anniversary of The Championships, Wimbledon invited the world to design the Official Poster for 2016. And how the world responded.

In partnership with creative platform Talenthouse, the world’s artists were invited to take on a creative invite to design the poster. Within a two week period, 1,124 designs were received, and 1,124 were pored over. Eventually, 10 final contenders emerged, arriving at the All England Club from locations as far flung as India, Colombia and Slovenia.
But one entry stood above the rest. Fernando Degrossi’s creation – sent in from Sao Paulo, Brazil – combines the unmistakable tennis ball with the iconic Order of Play board, and demonstrates every competitor’s pursuit of Wimbledon greatness.
“Wimbledon is the most charming event of the sporting world stage,” Degrossi commented. “It is an event that all tennis lovers await eagerly. Having my design representing a highly competitive tennis tournament is an honour.

“My inspiration was to mix two main elements that players pay attention to: the ball, and the classification panel which represents all stages the player must pass to reach The Championship. It is a road of challenges, in pursuit of greatness.

“The composition refers to a tennis ball in motion.”
Russian paper artist Yulia Brodskaya, who designed the Official Poster for 2015:
“I really like the idea here. The subtle texture in the tennis ball gives it a nice tactile feel, and it is a nice clear concept.”
Philip Brook, Chairman of the All England Club.:
“We enjoyed the way the artist chose to represent the journey through our events here at Wimbledon, the strive for greatness, for excellence, but in a contemporary way.”
Final version, adjusted as Wimbledon’s request.
The Official Wimbledon Poster will be on display around the Grounds and is available to buy in the Wimbledon Shops.
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